We find ourselves in troubled times, pivoting on faulty economics. Of the hundreds of analogies, none drill to the core as does Ben Williams in this issue of his newsletter, "Straight Talk."

It is recommended reading for all library visitors. To read a copy please click on the URL below:


How to listen to Sheldon's messages while away from your computer —

There's a subject that I wish to address to all our listeners and readers. That subject is how to listen to the Sheldon Emry sermons while away from your computer.

Originally, when building the Sheldon Emry Memorial Library, we had to approach everything from a practical and economical standpoint.

As most of you are aware, cassette tapes are fast becoming obsolete. Even now it is almost impossible to buy an inexpensive tape player. Electronics is a fast evolving industry, with everything becoming smaller and solid-state. Even CD disc players are being replaced with more "modern" equipment.

Therefore, when we started digitizing Sheldon's cassettes, we chose to put them on the internet in the form of MP3 files. This lets the listener have the option of either directly listening to their computer audio or saving to their own library that they can build on their hard-drive.

You can easily do this by making a file folder for each year covered by the tapes. Label them thusly:  Emry70 thru Emry86. You will have a total of 17 folders to download to.

Following the directions on the internet, simply download each tape into the folder for that year. When completed, the entire 16+ years of Sheldon's messages will occupy approximately 3.375 Gb of memory.

Now, how to listen to these messages while away from your computer:

Some will want to transfer to regular CD discs. While this can be done, it is a complicated way to go. It is impossible for us to do this for you.

You need to look at what's available to you in the form of MP3 players. Check in your locality for stores that sell such items - such as WalMart, Radio Shack, Office Max, Staples, etc.

Buy over the counter where you can get instructions on using it and/or returning if it isn't what you wanted. Also, don't buy the cheap ones (around $25.00 each) Plan on spending around $100.00 or so for a name brand such as Sony. It should have a memory capacity of at least 4 Gb. They will attach to your computer via a USB port where they appear as another remote memory.

This means that this little device that you can drop into your shirt pocket will contain the entire 16+ years of Sheldon's messages! ! !

There's another way for some of you that already own a CD "walkman" player that will accept the MP3 format.

With all the messages already on you own file and, assuming that your computer is equipped with a CD read/write drive, you can easily burn your own CD's by choosing messages from your file and dropping them onto your disk burning program. With the typical CD having a capacity of 700 Mb, you can record 2 - 3 years of Sheldon's messages or, simply, have a disc for each year.

12/21/2016: Added Subject Index, added download of entire site, and added hundreds of new links to this site on Famguardian.org

We created a new Subject Index of the entire site, and put a link to it on the top of the opening page.

We added a download link to the opening page of the site, allowing readers to download the entire site as a ZIP file.

We also added hundreds of new links and references to this site on the Family Guardian Website Topic Pages.

12/15/2016: Created Sheldon Emry Library Channel on Archive.org

We created a new Sheldon Emry Library Channel on Archive.org:


The above channel will eventually contain all of the audio, video, and text files on this site. It is provided in case this site ever goes down. There are over 879 audio files and dozens of PDF files on this site to upload, so the uploading process will take time.

10/26/2016: Martha Emry Barley was contacted and agreed to provide upgraded audio content for the site

We contacted Martha Emry Barley of America's Promise Ministries, Sheldon's daughter. She said she is excited that we are resurrecting the site and continuing Sheldon's wonderful legacy. She agreed to provide much improved and professionally remastered audios of all of Sheldon's sermons for reposting on this site. The new audios have all commercials removed as well.

Martha was introduced to the Family Guardian Fellowship and seems to like our approach and its compatibility with Sheldon's approach. She said she liked our new Disclaimer. She also posted a comment to the Family Guardian Website Forums approving of our understanding of Sheldon's work.

Martha also confirmed the accuracy of the Sheldon Emry Bio.

10/20/2016: Site came back online with new webmaster

As of 10/20/2016, a longtime student of the Sheldon Emry site at Family Guardian Fellowship resurrected the Sheldon Emry Site. Ben Williams was contacted for a copy of the prior content. In reconstructing the site, the following changes were made:

  1. Site was upgraded from HTML 4.0 to HTML 5.0.
  2. Source formatting was applied to all HTML pages to make them easier to read.
  3. Style sheets were added to make site appearance more consistent.
  4. A Statement of Faith was added, extracted from the Christian America Ministries list of Sheldon's materials.
  5. A Disclaimer was added.
  6. Links to other sites containing Sheldon Emry content were added to the opening page.
  7. Other sites containing Sheldon Emry content or pointing to the Sheldon Emry site were contacted to redirect their links to the new site.
  8. Site was broken down into directories to make it much easier to maintain.
  9. The Bible Law Course page was considerably improved. Each lesson was listed individually with its name. Links to other sources of Bible Law information were added.
  10. The Kingdom Bible Studies page was reformatted to provide the names of each lesson.
  11. Fixed the address of the Lord's Covenant Church on the opening page. It was wrong. It said 12446 E Mountain View Rd., Scottsdale, Arizona instead of 12440.
  12. Added a recent Google Earth picture of the Lord's Covenant Church to the opening page.
  13. Several links to the content on the Sheldon Emry site were added to the Family Guardian Website parent site.

9/14/2016: Site went down

As of 9/14/2016, the Sheldon Emry website went offline because its webmaster, Everett Moore, died suddenly without passing on the management of the site to anyone else. He had planned to pass it on to Ben Williams, but never completed the process.