The Bible Law Course

From the original course written by Bill Strittmatter

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Bible Law Course

This web site contains a Ten Commandments Bible Course and a large number of related Bible Studies focused on the Ten Commandments; the United States in Bible prophecy; and even the Book of Revelation. Above is a statue of Moses and the Ten Commandments as found on the east side of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.

Introductory comments:

  1. Listing the Ten Commandments in Exodus and Deuteronomy take up just one half of one page in your Bible. (Just 1% of Deuteronomy.)
  2. Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Bible.
  3. Books have three things;
    (1) A title,
    (2) A Table of Contents and
    (3) Chapters.
  4. This listing is much like a ten chapter book's Table of Contents. To understand a whole book you must know more than  just the title and brief half page Table of Contents. Deuteronomy's chapters are Moses' explanation of God's Law.
  5. Most Americans think they know the Ten Commandments, but most Americans and even the Clergy, have never, ever had these commandments explained to them. Some comments from them, are reproduced below.
  6. Deuteronomy was quoted by Jesus Christ more than any other book. Think a moment, if you do not know and understand Deuteronomy, then how can you understand Jesus when he quotes it?
  7. About 71% of the Bible is about government. Deuteronomy and many other books of the Bible were written by heads of state (presidents, governors and kings) not by clergymen.
  8. ALL of America's social, economic and health problems are caused by the violation of God's Law. ALL these problems are solvable by the application of God's given laws. Other solutions will not work.  These laws from God for the good of society are recorded in Deuteronomy, explained by Moses, confirmed by Jesus Christ, taught by the Apostle Paul, rejected by today's churches and politicians.
  9. The very essence of what it means to be a Christian is someone who acknowledges the Bible as a law book FOR THEM that they are obligated to follow and which documents the punishments and rewards for disobedience and obedience respectively. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge the Bible as a law book, claims that any portion of it doesn't apply to them, or that practices "smorgasboard religion" where they can pick and choose which parts are law or enforceable is what Jesus called "lawless" and what the courts call an "anarchist".
  10. The main characters in the Bible who practiced "lawlessness" were the Pharisees and Saducees, and Jesus got very angry at them. He wasn't angry because they were "legalistic", but LAWLESS, because they substituted their own oral traditions in place of what Biblical Law actually and expressly said. See:
    Who Were the Pharisees and Saducess?, Form #05.047-Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)
  11. The Bible refers to Christians as God's "hands and feet" on the Earth. They are what the courts refer to as "agents and officers" of God. God's existence and His presence on Earth is realized through His people. The Bible, in turn, functions as God's "delegation of authority order" by prescribing and enforcing the conduct that is expected of those who claim to represent Him and act in His name, who collectively are called "Christians". Those who act OUTSIDE that delegation order are acting in a private capacity and are what Jesus called "lawless". These concepts are thoroughly documented in the following:
    Delegation of Authority Order from God to Christians, Form #13.007 -Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)
  12. For a much more thorough treatment of each commandment similar to the format of this work, where there is one chapter for each Commandment, see:
    The Institutes of Biblical Law, Rousas John Rushdoony

   In the past, this course was a by mail correspondence course. Here are a few comments from those past students who were also clergymen.


   "Boy is God opening my eyes! I am enjoying the lessons and learning things that I can not believe I was not taught in 50 years of church school teaching and attendance."            Pastor H. S.


   I felt that you made some excellent points in your Bible Law Course about clergymen, I am an ordained minister with two seminary degrees. I am a Lt. General in the national chaplains association.

   Nowhere, nowhere in my training was God's Law ever stressed. I feel that I will be a better Christian and minister because of your course.

Dear Sirs, 

   Let me say how much I am enjoying this Bible Study. Thank you so much. After three years of Bible School and fifteen years of preaching that God put his law away in Christ, God forgive me, and he has, thank God for opening my eyes. If we ministers would stop listening to our heads and start listening to our hearts, we would know God has not put away his commandments. God has been trying to show me this for a long time. I understand now why we are in such a mess. I don't know why I did not see this sooner. I ask for his forgiveness. In Jesus name I covenant before God, that from this time forward I will teach and preach his whole word.

Book courses

  1. Entire Course in One File
  2. Lesson 1-Moses in Washington DC
  3. Lesson 2-Qualifications for Public Office- Bible Law on Money
  4. Lesson 3-God's Law in the Old Testament-Humanist Manifesto
  5. Lesson 4-Moses' Second Speech-Bible Law on Divorce & Remarriage
  6. Lesson 5-Gods Law in the New Testament-Money in the Old Testament
  7. Lesson 6-Human Nature
  8. Lesson 7-A Study Into The Meaning of the Word "Gentile" As used in the Bible
  9. Lesson 8-Moses' Second Speech Continued
  10. Lesson 9-Banking And The Mark of the Beast
  11. Lesson 10-Deuteronomy 16, Moses' Second Speech Continued
  12. Lesson 11-The Commandments In The New Testament
  13. Lesson 12-Moses' Second Speech Continued-Deuteronomy Chapter Seventeen
  14. Lesson 13-Doctrine, Covenants and Bible Law-Contracts and Covenants in the Bible
  15. Lesson 14-Moses Explains God's Law on several controversial subjects
  16. Lesson 15-Blessings and Curses For Obedience and Disobedience
  17. Lesson 16-Applying God's law in Today's World


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