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Because of the time it takes to download, we suggest that you establish a file on your computer and save these videos to it. The next time you wish to view it, the loading time will be much less by watching from you own file.

Heirs of the Promise

This VHS movie has been digitized and made available by the internet to anyone in the world who has internet access. This 45 min video takes an excessive down-load time. It is suggested that you right-click on the link and save it as a file on your hard drive. Once captured, you may watch at your leisure.


This is God's Country

This video tape was filmed toward the end of Sheldon Emry's life as he spoke before a Bible conference. 


Come Out of Babylon

This short video is of Pastor Emry's opening message at his last Bible conference held in 1984.


Eyes Only

This great message was one of Pastor Emry's last Bible conference sermons in the summer of 1984. He was a cryptographer in WWII and uses this background to explain why most, other than God's covenant people, cannot understand His message to them.


Plunder by Debt/Usury


Why Trust God


False Gods

Please bear in mind that some of these videos were made over 30 years ago without the benefit of professional equipment or lighting. There are some inherent flaws that could not be eliminated.

Pastor Emry's Videos can, also, be watched by Clicking here

On the You Tube screen, search for: Sheldon Emry.

It will list his video's titled: Heirs of the Promise, God's Country and Out of Babylon.

We wish to thank the person who made these available.