The C. O. Stadsklev Collection

If you have studied the biography of Pastor Sheldon Emry and other ministers of his era, you are aware that some of them were exposed to and called into the Kingdom Ministry by the preaching of Pastor C. O. Stadsklev.

From a small church, "The Gospel Temple," in Minnetonka Mills, Minnesota, Pastor Stadsklev began using the printed word and radio to spread the Identity message across America.

As God directed, Pastor Emry continued to grow in knowledge and wisdom. It was only a matter of time before differences came between them, and Pastor Emry chose to separate from Pastor Stadsklev and continue on his own.

While not presented as definitive doctrine, we feel that some of the works of C. O. Stadsklev, because of the historical significance, belong in this library.

During the growth of the Kingdom Ministry, the baton was passed from generation to generation. In this process, new truths were discovered by the insightfulness of a select few ministers and teachers such as Pastor Sheldon Emry and Ben Williams. All too many ministries become "stuck" on a plateau, refuse to advance, and prefer to attack the one they should be listening to.

Again, we wish to emphasize that some of C. O. Stadsklev's material is presented only to illuminate one of the stepping stones used by God to launch men like Pastor Sheldon Emry to advance the Kingdom Ministry.


Zion of Bible Prophecy

Pastor Stadsklev goes through Scripture after Scripture, verse by verse to prove beyond a doubt, that we are living in Zion, as the true Israelites.


The United States - in the prophesy of Joel & Zephaniah

These 2, short books of the Bible prophesy of our enemy's defeat when we finally turn to God.


America In The Kingdom Parables

Pastor Stadsklev examines 24 of the parables that Jesus used to teach of the end age. These parables all pertain to present day America as the New Jerusalem of re-gathered Christian Israel.


The Cleansing Of Our Nation

This short message uses Matthew 13 to explain how God will remove the wicked from our nation in the end time.


Tape No. Subject
Tape No. 1 End Time Destruction of Two Types of People
Tape No. 2 The Second Coming
Tape No. 3 A Separate People
Tape No. 4 Saving Our Nation
Tape No. 5 My People
Tape No. 6 Restoring Israel

90 min (45 each side) tapes were made from radio broadcast during 1977

Tape No. Subject
Tape 1a Isaiah 32 & Isaiah 11:1,2
Tape 1b Isaiah & Isaiah
Tape 2a Isaiah 65 & Isaiah 65
Tape 2b Keys To Understanding Revelation & Revelation 21 - New Jerusalem
Tape 3a Zephaniah 3:12, Deuteronomy 7:6 & Jeremiah 18, 19
Tape 3b Jeremiah 18, 19 II Kings 18:11 & The New Covenant
Tape 4a The New Covenant & Kingdom Revival
Tape 4b Kingdom Revival & Kingdom Revival
Tape 5a Kingdom Revival & Ezra 7:6
Tape 5b Revival & Revival
Tape 6a Revival & Romans 10:4
Tape 6b   -- Tape missing --
Tape 7a Parables & Mysteries of church and Kingdom
Tape 7b Mysteries of church and Kingdom & Kingdom Parables
Tape 8a Kingdom Parables & Kingdom Parables
Tape 8b Kingdom Parables & Kingdom Parables