Perilous Times Reading Room

Throughout Pastor Emry's ministry, he frequently wrote and spoke about our national problems, the causes and the fact that only by obedience to God's Laws can we find help! For your convenience, some of his more pertinent sermons are listed on this page.


What Should We Do In Perilous Times?

A comforting sermon by Pastor Emry


What can we expect under non-Christian rule?

In 1983, Pastor Emry foretold of the days in which we're now living!

Sermon 1  --  Sermon 2


Zion, Captive of Babylon

In 1983, Pastor Emry preached a series of 10 radio programs by this title.

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In The Turbulent Months Ahead - Remember - It's God's Battle, NOT OUR'S!

From the beginning of the nation that God gave us, we have violated and broken His every commandment and established an evil debt/usury monetary system. God's protective hand has been removed and we are in the full enslavement of our enemy.

Well meaning people are being lead astray by organizations designed to cause them to commit acts of violence. Our NWO infiltrated government desires this so martial law can be established, resulting in our enslavement in established FEMA camps.

Please listen to Pastor Emry's sermons on this subject and govern yourself accordingly.

Sermon 1Sermon 2 Sermon 3Sermon 4

Please note that these sermons were preached in 1976! In these four sermons, Pastor Emry addresses the end-time battles we are experiencing and explains how these are God's battles and He is in charge - of both sides!