The Messages of Pastor Ben Williams

Pastor Sheldon Emry's Official Successor

Recorded during the first-half of 1986


After Sheldon Emry's death on June 6, 1985, Ben Williams, according to Pastor Emry's wishes, was officially installed as Pastor, Chairman of the board and General Manager of Lord's Covenant Church and America's Promise Ministries. He continued until June of 1986 — working hard to fulfill all facets of the ministry as taught by Pastor Emry. Pastor Williams was unaware of some forces working against him. Being the Christian gentleman that he is, he chose to quietly resign and move elsewhere.

Since the day Pastor Williams resigned, no one has ever come close to filling the void left by Pastor Sheldon Emry.

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Tape Number Subject  
8601b The Wicked, part 1  
8602a Power And Authority (01/12/86)  
8602b The Wicked, part 2  
8603a Authority And Government (01/19/86)  
8603b The Wicked, part 3  
8604a Kingdom Authority, part 1 (01/26/85)  
8604b The Wicked, part 4  
8605a Kingdom Authority, part 2 (02/02/85)  
8605b The Wicked, part 5  
8606a  Christian Civics, part 1 (02/09/86)  
8606b Bible Doctrine  
8607a Christian Civics, part 2 (02/16/86)  
8607b Jeremiah, part 1  
8608b Nuclear Scare Scam  
8609b Jeremiah, part 2  
8610a Answers To Common Objections (03/16/86)  
8610b Jeremiah, part 3  
8611a Repentance In America - part 1 (03/23/86)  
8611b Jeremiah, part 4  
8612a Repentance In America - part 2 (03/30/86)  
8612b God Puts Israel In Bondage  
8613a Reform And Revival - part 1 (04/06/86)  
8613b Swine's Flesh  
8614a Reform And Revival - part 2 (04/13/86)  
8614b The Old Jerusalem, part 1  
8615a Judeo Christianity ((04/20/86)  
8615b The Old Jerusalem, part 2  
8616a The Gospel Of The Kingdom (04/27/86)  
8616b The Old Jerusalem, part 3  
8617a Spirits On Trial (05/04/86)  
8617b The Meat Of The Word  
8618a Report On Chernobyl by Galen Winsor (05/11/86)  
8618b God's Purpose In The Earth  
8619a Pastor Ben Williams' Resignation Announcement (06/08/86) *